Norden Farm plan to boost profits by 64 per cent

Norden Farm plan to boost profits by 64 per cent

Laura Enfield

Norden Farm plan to boost profits by 64 per cent

A massive 64 per cent increase in profits needs to be achieved by Norden Farm Centre for the Arts.

The chair of trustees says he 'will not contemplate failure' despite the huge task ahead.

The ambitious target is part of a business plan for 2012/13 released by the board last week.

It sets out how the centre will replace £143,000 of funding lost from Arts Council England (ACE).

The Altwood Road venue plans to make up the money by making better use of the Maidenhead venue during the day and boosting profits from £275,800 to £452,530.

Chairman of trustees Geoffrey Blacker said: "We are facing a massive challenge of increasing profits by £177,000 and so looking to do exceptional things.

"Unfortunately the current economic climate doesn't support that so we have a lot of hard work on our hands."

Work has already begun work on cash-boosting measures include raising ticket prices, hiring it out for weddings and business functions, introducing charges for artists to hire the gallery and boosting donations.

It is also hoping to have a beach and outdoor cinema area in the summer, wine tastings and hire it out as a film location.

It wants to increase profit from shows by putting on more comedy and tribute band gigs and bring in £22,510 of new business through recording and filming sessions, space letting, coach excursions, weddings, Christmas packages and children's parties.

It also hopes to boost fundraising from £15,000 to £51,050 mainly through the angels and patrons scheme launched as part of the Dig Deep campaign run with the Advertiser.

For the full story see this week's Advertiser.

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