First aid campaign backed by businessman

First aid campaign backed by businessman

Nicola Hine

First aid campaign backed by businessman

A hard-hitting campaign encouraging people to learn basic first aid has been backed by a Maidenhead businessman whose own skills were tested when a friend fell ill.

Bob Lee was at a meeting this time last year when fellow businessman Mike Leegate collapsed.

The 61-year-old from Pinkneys Green put Mike into the recovery position and monitored his breathing until an ambulance arrived. He had suffered an aneurism but went on to make a full recovery.

Bob said: "Just think, if a member of your family collapsed, how would you feel if you had no idea what to do?"

The campaign was launched by St John Ambulance this week.

It includes a TV-advert following the journey of a man who survives cancer only to choke to death at a family barbecue because no-one knows basic first aid.

Statistics show up to 140,000 people in England and Wales die annually in medical emergencies where first aid could have saved their lives.

In comparison, approximately 138,000 people die from cancer.

The charity has compiled a free pocket-sized guide featuring skills to help in five life-threatening situations - choking, heart attack, severe bleeding, an unconscious person who is breathing and one who is not breathing.

It also has a smartphone app, first aid videos, a game and courses to help boost awareness.

Visit for details. See our health pages for more health news

Watch: St John Ambulance's video 'Helpless' below.

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