Mother 'disappointed' in Magnet disabled facilities

Mother 'disappointed' in Magnet's disabled access

James Preston

Mother 'disappointed' in Magnet disabled facilities
Liz and Zoe Green

A mother has expressed her disappointment after her disabled daughter had to be taken outside in the rain to reach the swimming pool at the Magnet Leisure Centre in Maidenhead.

Zoe Green, 19, from Woodley, has severe learning difficulties and is in a wheelchair. She was taken to the centre by two carers on Wednesday last week after her mother, Liz Green, had heard the centre had the special changing facilities she required.

After reaching the centre, the carers said they found the receptionists did not know where the facilities, which include a bed and a special hoist, were located.

They were shown to the room, but found the swimming pool could only then be reached by going up a flight of stairs so instead Zoe, who was in her swimming costume, had to be taken outside and round the building to reach the facilities.

Liz said: "The changing room is right down in the basement and there's no lift up to the swimming area.

"All this is a pity because it's very rare that a place would have these facilities."

Kevin Mist, the Royal Borough's head of leisure services, said the changing room had been fitted for the centre's Sensory Zone rather than the swimming pool but added: "We are constantly reviewing what we do and now that this issue has come to light it is something we will have a look at."

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