Teen mum's joy at beating the odds to pass GCSEs

Teen mum's joy at beating the odds to pass GCSEs

Paul Miles

Teen mum's joy at beating the odds to pass GCSEs

A proud single mum who gave birth at 15 has beaten the odds to complete her GCSEs - and spoken out to prove that teen parents can still achieve their goals.

Determined Molly MacArthur vowed to finish her studies after giving birth to baby Alfie and on Thursday collected her exam results from Altwood CE School in Maidenhead.

The 16-year-old passed 11 GCSEs at grades A-C, including an A* in additional science.

Molly, who is no longer with Alfie's dad, became pregnant when she was in year nine. She continued her studies at the school in Altwood Road until three days before she gave birth and returned to classes two months later.

Molly, who lives at home with her mum and two brothers Charlie, 18, and Billy, 15, in Heywood Avenue, Woodlands Park, now wants to send out a message to all of the people who expected her to fail.

She said: "I think you can't underestimate people because of their circumstances. I have beaten all of the statistics on how no one passes when they have a baby."

During her preparations for her exams Molly had to stay up for 'stupid hours' as she juggled revision and being a parent.

She added: "When everyone goes home from school the day is finished. When I got home the day started again. There were a few times I thought I couldn't do it but that was when my mum motivated me and Alfie was a big inspiration.

"I have no regrets, now I have the results it has all been worthwhile."

As well as being a full-time parent and student, Molly also has a Saturday job at Legoland in Windsor.

She does not claim any direct benefits and a childminder for Alfie during school hours has been paid for through the Care to Learn support scheme to help young parents in education. A network of family and friends has also provided support.

Carrying her through the tough times was mum Sarah, who works at a pharmaceutical company in High Wycombe.

"She's not one of those single mums who wants a council flat or benefits. She wants to do well and I am really proud of her," said Sarah.

Molly will now study for her A-levels at Altwood School and wants to work in finance after finishing her education.

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