Another cat attacked by 'greyhounds'

Another cat attacked by 'greyhounds'

John Balson

Another cat attacked by 'greyhounds'

A mother-of-three believes her beloved family cat was savaged by two ‘greyhound-like’ dogs.

Little Tiggy, who is just over a year old, went missing on Monday after a neighbour saw her being ‘viciously' attacked by two dogs in Whurley Way, Maidenhead, at about 8.30pm.

The tabby eventually turned up late on Tuesday evening, crawling up to owner Sophie Wheeler, 27, who had just sat down on her doorstep.

"She was very badly bruised and was missing a lot of fur," said the teaching assistant, who is calling on dog owners to take more responsibility for their pets.

Tiggy (pictured before the incident) was taken to the vet but it was unclear if serious internal damage had been done.

She was given morphine and is due to undergo further tests.

The incident comes just over a month after a grandfather watched as his cat was mauled to death by two greyhounds in Marlborough Road.

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