Two injured in crash on A404

Two injured in crash on A404

John Balson

Two injured in crash on A404

An injured woman had to be cut from her car after a crash on the A404 yesterday morning.

The crash, which involved a people carrier and a Ford Mondeo, happened at about 11.30am northbound between Bisham and Marlow.

The driver of the saloon, a man, was also injured and both were taken to Wexham Park Hospital by ambulance with suspected neck and spine injuries.

The road was closed for about two hours as the fire crews from Maidenhead, Slough and Marlow worked.

They eventually freed the woman by cutting off the roof of the car.

Maidenhead watch manager Yemi Cullimore said the accident had covered both lanes of the busy commuter road and described it as 'a mess'.

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