Train death victim took his own life, inquest hears

Train death victim took his own life, inquest hears

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Train death victim took his own life, inquest hears

A beloved father-of-two took his own life at Maidenhead train station while suffering from depression, an inquest heard today.

The family of Mohinder Singh Dulai, who was struck by a train on Saturday, July 2, said his death was an 'awful shock and a surprise.'

The inquest heard the 53-year-old suffered from low moods after developing a problem with alcohol. Wife Kashmir said he had talked about ending his life but never thought he was serious.

"He was falling apart about what was happening to him. He knew he had a problem but had convinced himself that there was no cure. I had no concerns on the day he died, when he left for work. It was an awful shock and a surprise."

The inquest at Windsor's Guildhall heard how Mr Dulai drove to the train station after finishing work at Domino's Pizza in Bridge Street, where he had worked as a delivery driver for six years.

CCTV showed him talking to a couple on a platform shortly before lowering himself onto the tracks and lying down. Train driver Darren Brown said on approaching the station at 9.22pm he saw a person on the tracks and applied the emergency brakes but was unable to stop in time. Paramedics pronounced Mr Dulai dead at 9.30pm.

His wife added that she would remember her husband as a 'happy and smiley' person. She said: "He was very generous, he never turned anybody away."

The couple had two children and were due to celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary in July.

Berkshire coroner Peter Bedford, recorded a verdict that Mr Dulai took his own life while suffering from depression.

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