Organic co-op shop gets ready to launch

Organic co-op shop gets ready to launch

Paul Miles

Organic co-op shop gets ready to launch

Providing families with a better choice of affordable organic produce while saving time and money is the thinking behind Maidenhead's first organic food hub.

Foodnation have launched the People's Digital Co-op which is been run by co-ordinator Maria Evans, 44, from her home in Ray Lea Road.

She said: "It supports local food producers and people who want organic fruit and vegetables who can't afford to buy it or are worried by the quality."

The inaugural food hub invites people to sign up to an online market place where they can place a weekly order for fresh fruit and vegetables which is then purchased at a wholesale price from organic farms.

Waltham Place Organic Farm in White Waltham is one of the farms involved.

Administrator Vinnie McCann said, "The principal of it is very good. To put organic food on the plate for families who don't have the money to buy organic food in the shops." 

Once ordered the food is delivered to Maria's home where it will be weighed, sorted and  distributed to members who come round to collect their order every Thursday afternoon.

Foodnation founder, Louise Campbell, says the digital co-op will add something new to food shopping.

"We have discovered families are tired of the cost and drudgery of the supermarket shopping experience and are desperate for more personalised shopping experience."

Housewife Maria became involved in the scheme when she met Louise through a Transition Maidenhead meeting of which she is a member.

"We always buy organic fruit and vegetables, I have four children and want to keep them healthy."

The new scheme will officially be launched on Thursday.

For more information visit or call 0800 0842288.

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