Charity swimmer wants blood instead of cash

Charity swimmer wants blood instead of cash

John Balson

Charity swimmer wants blood instead of cash

A charity swimmer training for a 'water marathon' is hoping to toast success with a couple of pints of the red stuff.

Olly Styles, 24, is taking part in the Henley to Marlow open water swim and wants donations of blood instead of money.

He is aiming to get 100 people to pledge a pint of blood to the NHS and post pictures of them donating on a Facebook page.

The ex-Sir William Borlase's Grammar School pupil will be swimming 14km (8.6 miles) on Sunday, August 5 and has been training twice-a-week at Datchet Swimming Lake.

The Thames route is 4km longer than an Olympic open water swim which is sometimes referred to as a water marathon.

Olly, of Bridle Road, Maidenhead, was inspired after his partner Ruth Cannavan, 26, was saved by a transfusion after suffering an internal bleed.

Contact to get involved.

You can donate blood at Maidenhead SportsAble at Braywick Sports Ground, Braywick Road, Maidenhead tomorrow from 10.45am-1.30pm or 3-5.45pm.

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