Cats are a dog's best friend

Cats are a dog's best friend

Paul Miles

Cats are a dog's best friend

It may not be the most common of friendships but that doesn't seem to matter much to Igor the dog.

The Bouvier Des Flandres who lives with owners, Celia and Jeremy Hinkling, of Windsor Road, Oakley Green, spends much of his time playing with the cats who he shares his home with.

Celia, 65, has run a cattery from her home for the past 27 years and has witnessed an unlikely friendship develop between Igor and the cats.

According to Jeremy, he spends most of his time with best friend Shambles - a cat.

The 51-year-old said: "She looks after him, they play in the garden together and they sleep together."

He added: "I think Iggy [Igor] actually thinks he's a cat. He definitely plays like a cat."

When he's not messing around with his feline friends, Iggy can be seen at dog shows. He has won 'best in breed' at the Windsor Dog Show for the past two years.

Jeremy, who works at Heathrow airport, said he could not have wished for a friendlier dog.

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