Drivers held up by roadworks on Bath Road

Drivers held up by roadworks on Bath Road

Daniel Darlington

Drivers held up by roadworks on Bath Road

Motorists travelling between Maidenhead and Reading are being held up by roadworks on two stretches of the A4.

Two major projects are running over the course of the next month that will impact the route which is used by thousands of motorists daily.

The first headache faced by drivers is a project to upgrade a pedestrian crossing on the road close to Charvil Stores in Park View Drive South, Charvil, near the Wee Waif roundabout.

Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) is improving safety at the crossing and installing new traffic lights.

The westbound route, from Maidenhead to Reading, has been shut since June 11 for the first phase.

The roadworks will switch to the eastbound carriageway and close the road for cars heading in the other direction at the end of the week.

Vehicles are being funnelled through Twyford and Charvil for both stages, with a completion date of Monday, July 9.

WBC is also resurfacing another westbound section of the A4 highway, between Charvil and Sonning, at the same time.

That started on Wednesday and is due to be finished by Monday, July 2.

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