Mum with terminal cancer appeals for lost camera

Mum with terminal cancer appeals for lost camera

Daniel Darlington

Mum with terminal cancer appeals for lost camera

A loving mum with terminal cancer has appealed for help in finding a lost camera filled with pictures for a scrapbook she wants to leave behind for her young daughter.

Karen Targett, 44, who lives in Hereford with her husband Andy, 43, and their eight-year-old daughter Isobel, believes the Fuji digital camera was lost in Bray after they dined together at the Waterside Inn on Saturday afternoon.

The former nurse, who works part-time in a nursery, says it may have been left on a bench close to the village’s tennis courts and cricket field. It was discovered missing after returning to their hotel in Bracknell.

The camera contains cherished photographs of the family enjoying Isobel's eighth birthday trip to Edinburgh and the visit to Bray, which are of great importance to Karen.

"These were going to be lasting images for her to look back on and smile at," said Karen.

"Although I’m feeling okay at the moment I don’t know how long I have left."

She has urged anyone who comes across the camera, which was in a black case, to return the memory card.

The 44-year-old has been diagnosed with cancer three times and has had two mastectomies. Doctors told her in January the cancer had spread and was terminal.

She is determined to appreciate every day she has left with her daughter and husband and wanted Isobel to have lasting memories of her after she is gone.

"I just want to keep going for as long as possible for her and Andy and to take each day as it comes."

If you find the camera call reporter Daniel Darlington on 01628 678228

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