Appeal for stray pigeon called ‘diamond geezer’

Appeal for stray pigeon called ‘diamond geezer’

Paul Miles

Appeal for stray pigeon called ‘diamond geezer’

A patriotic roller pigeon nicknamed ‘diamond geezer’ who gate crashed a jubilee party is now refusing to leave his adopted home.

Ken Baker, 76, took care of the pigeon when he saw it mingling with guests at a street party in Birdwood Road on Monday last week.

He had concerns over its safety after neighbouring dogs began to take a keen interest.

Once the bunting was packed away he called a pigeon club number on a tag attached to the bird's leg - but the trail went cold and no-one claimed the bird as their own.

Mr Baker, who has lived at his home for over 25 years, said: “I don’t want to keep it; I want to go on holiday sometime and not worry about it.”

Often found sleeping on his lawn, the unexpected guest enjoys full board accommodation with regular feedings and a makeshift shelter crafted out of a bread crate.

This is now the fourth time Ken has been visited by a pigeon, causing him to wonder why this particular type of bird is attracted to his garden.

"I think word has got round in the pigeon community that they get good grub here," he added.

In one case a courier had to ferry a bird back to York in North Yorkshire after it had become lost and landed in the garden.

The other two birds enjoyed a short stay before flying away.

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