Plan unveiled to tackle Thicket 'dogging'

Plan unveiled to tackle Thicket 'dogging'

John Balson

Plan unveiled to tackle Thicket 'dogging'

Woods close to Maidenhead Thicket car park will be trimmed down as part of action to curb 'dogging' in the area.

The National Trust, which is working with the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and Thames Valley Police, will also carry out a 'massive' litterpick at the site in Henley Road.

Paul Biddle, ranger for Maidenhead and Cookham Common, said: "We want everyone to enjoy this car park and have access to the Thicket.

"Unfortunately a few individuals are determined to make this spot a no-go area for families."

Work to 'thin out' the trees and bushes will take place between June 6-8.

This will be followed by 'high-visibility' patrols by the National Trust, police and council.

Police want unwelcome activities at the Thicket reported to them on 101.

COMMENT: What do you think of the plans? Will they work?

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