Doctors say STI rates are worrying

Doctors say STI rates are worrying

Sophie Flowers

Doctors say STI rates are worrying

A doctor has called for better sex education in schools to prevent increasing numbers of young people being treated for STIs.

Dr Stephen Dawson, sexual health consultant at the Garden Clinic, Upton Hospital, Slough, said the rates of sexually transmitted infections in the area are concerning.

He said: "If the youngsters had been better educated then we wouldn't be seeing so many of them."

A report last week said there have been outbreaks of syphilis among teenagers across the UK.

Dr Dawson said the disease is quite rare in the area, with only a few cases a year, but added: "I wouldn't suggest there is reason for complacency."

Syphilis can lead to heart disease, stroke and dementia, and raises the risk of getting HIV.

Symptoms begin with a painless but highly infectious sore on the genitals or sometimes around the mouth.

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