Proposal for new road between Stafferton Way and Oldfield

Proposal for new road between Stafferton Way and Oldfield

Nicola Hine

Proposal for new road between Stafferton Way and Oldfield

New life has been breathed into an age-old plan to create a corridor between Stafferton Way and Oldfield in Maidenhead.

A report due before the Royal Borough cabinet tomorrow suggests the time is now to consider detailed proposals for the Southern Relief Road.

Expected to be a B-road, it would join Stafferton Way with Bray Road and Oldfield Road, cutting across Green Lane and the Moor Cut section of the waterways.

This would be the final link in a ring of roads around the town centre.

The idea, which has existed for decades and could cost an estimated £2.5million, is now 'integral' to the aims of the Area Action Plan (AAP) according to Cllr Phill Bicknell (Con, Park, pictured)

"I think it will enhance the regeneration of Maidenhead," he said.

The cabinet member for highways, transport and environment believes the new route will help ease existing traffic around the town.

"Hopefully if you're going to regenerate you're going to increase the vitality and the business of Maidenhead's daily life and you don't want it snarled up with traffic," he added.

The AAP, adopted by the council last year, promotes redevelopment opportunities in the town centre.

Mike Walker, president of Maidenhead and District Chamber of Commerce, said: "Anything that opens up the areas of the town as identified in the Area Action Plan is a good thing."

Cabinet is recommended to endorse work to identify further details of the scheme including junction design, likely costs and funding proposals.

A report would then be delivered in the autumn, following which the plans would be subject to a full public consultation and the usual planning application process.

The council does not yet have all the cash needed but potential sources include Section 106 developer contributions.

The report gives autumn 2014 as an estimated completion date should the road be approved.

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