Ailing baby is coming home by medical jet

Ailing baby is coming home by medical jet

John Balson

Ailing baby is coming home by medical jet

A critically ill baby is due to land in the UK today after flying home from Poland by medical jet in a desperate attempt to save her life.

The health of 12-week-old Nina Warnell, who was born without an immune system, has deteriorated over the past week.

She has contracted three potentially fatal bugs, despite being kept in a sterilised 'bubble' chamber, and urgently needs specialist treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

"There is a big risk in the transfer but the hospital in Kraków can't do any more for her," said her doting dad Graeme Warnell, who grew up in Braywick Road.

"This is our last roll of the dice."

Nina (left), who was born with severe combined immune deficiency syndrome, better known as 'bubble baby syndrome', has spent more than two months at the Children's University Hospital in Kraków.

She is awaiting a bone marrow donor and will have a 60-90 per cent chance of survival if one can be found in the next three months.

The family is begging the public to register with the Anthony Nolan Trust to help save Nina and other sick children, especially men aged between 18-30 because statistically they make the best donors.

Visit for information.

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