Desborough's headteacher Andrew Linnell steps down

Desborough's headteacher Andrew Linnell steps down

Daniel Darlington

Desborough's headteacher Andrew Linnell steps down

The headteacher of Desborough School in Maidenhead has stepped down from his role this week with immediate effect.

Andrew Linnell, who joined the Shoppenhangers Road school in 2005 after eight years as headteacher at a school in Reading, announced he would be leaving in a letter to parents and pupils on Monday.

The move came after the board of governors passed a vote of no confidence in Mr Linnell at a meeting held in private.

Governors say they are doing everything they can to ensure the right leadership is in place for pupils but have given no reason for his sudden departure.

Nigel Cook, chairman of the school's governing board, was not prepared to discuss the circumstances surrounding Mr Linnell's exit yesterday.

"All I can say is that Mr Linnell stepped down from the role on Monday and the governors are doing their very best to get the right leadership in place to do the very best for the boys at Desborough," he said.

"Our last three Ofsted reports spanning the seven years Mr Linnell has been in charge have all been satisfactory, so there has been no progress."

The number of students enrolled at the school has dropped from 1,090 in 2006 to 749 last year.

Mr Linnell said in his message to parents it had been both a pleasure and a privilege to take charge of the school.

He said its proposed move to become an academy, in partnership with the Radley School in Oxford and the John Lewis Partnership, would create better opportunities for students.

"With the forthcoming move to academy status, I feel it is time for me to move on," he said.

"I hope that all the opportunities that this change can bring will enable Desborough School to develop further and will mean even greater opportunities and resources for your sons and daughters."

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