Mum-of-six gives birth in a taxi

Mum-of-six gives birth in a taxi

Nick Mayo

Mum-of-six gives birth in a taxi

A cabbie turned delivery driver for the day when a passenger gave birth in his taxi.

Samantha Fraser became a mum for the sixth time as she desperately tried to reach Wexham Park Hospital on Tuesday.

The new arrival emerged just as the Vauxhall Vectra from A4 Cars ferrying Samantha reached the entrance to the hospital at 8am.

Aaron Moody, who has the same name as his 19-year-old dad, was born weighing  6lb 2oz.

Samantha, from Hanbury Close, Burnham, was shocked at the speed with which things happened.

"He was due on May 3," she said."I started getting my normal contractions. They were not coming that quick, about five minutes apart.

"We phoned for a taxi and thought we had plenty of time but he just decided to come straight out."

The 27-year-old, who grew up in Maidenhead and went to Furze Platt School, was joined in the taxi by Anna-Marie Moody, the mum of Aaron senior.

Anne-Marie said: "It was shocking.

"I was telling her 'breathe, breathe' and saying 'Sam just hold it, just hold it, the baby might not be ready yet'."

They called the maternity unit as they were on their way and nurses were waiting with towels and a wheelchair when they arrived.

Anne-Marie jumped out of the cab screaming 'he's out'.

"As we got to the barrier my waters broke and by the time the car stopped he was out," said Samantha, who was worried as the baby was not crying.

"He was okay, thank God."

She was fully clothed and the hospital staff helped get her trousers off and cut the baby's cord, before wheeling her inside.

Mother and baby were allowed home at 7pm the same day.

Nurses at the hospital, who Samantha thanked for all their efforts, called Aaron 'our car park baby'.

Aaron's brothers and sisters are Lent Rise School pupils Jordan, nine, Cody, seven, and Jay, five, along with Charlie, three, who goes to Flying Kites Pre-School, and 10-month-old Ericca.

Aaron senior, born and bred in Burnham, is looking for work.

Taxi driver Jan Mohammad, 44, from Chalvey, said he was 'surprised' by what happened and had to have the day off to have his car cleaned up.

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