'Red kite tried to snatch my dog'

'Red kite tried to snatch my dog'

John Balson

'Red kite tried to snatch my dog'

A fashion model has told how she fought off a red kite as it tried to snatch her beloved dog.

Kate Hillman, 32, was walking in fields off Lower Cookham Road, Maidenhead, when a red kite swooped on her Pomeranian Vinnie as he sniffed about just yards away.

"It came from my left-hand side straight before me and the claws came out and it went to pick up my dog," said Kate.

The predator was about to sink its talons into the helpless pooch but quick-thinking Kate ran forward and shouted and stamped her feet, scaring it off.

She thought the attack on Sunday last week had been a one-off and returned to the area near Widbrook Common two days later, only for the same fearless red kite to attack Vinnie again.

RSPB spokesman Tom Waters said it was unusual for red kite to attack dogs.

He said its usual territory was around motorways and country roads where they could feed on roadkill.

He added: "But they are opportunistic and can take small mammals."

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