Fresh details of Oldfield school expansion are revealed

Fresh details of Oldfield school expansion are revealed

Amanda Hall

Fresh details of Oldfield school expansion are revealed

New details of plans to expand and relocate Oldfield Primary School were unveiled to the public for the first time yesterday.

Dozens of people from across Maidenhead visited the school in Chiltern Road to view proposals which would see Oldfield double its intake from 30 pupils per year group to 60 by September 2012.

Maps and facts about three potential sites for a new school were on display including borough-owned land behind Stafferton Lodge in Braywick Park and the Green Lane allotments.

But proposals to build a new 420-pupil campus in Bray Road attracted the most attention.

Education planning officer Ben Wright, who was also at the event, said the plans have received positive and negative comments.

He said: "Bray Road seems to be a very popular option amongst parents but there are concerns about traffic and local residents have started a petition against using the site."

Mr Wright added the current school site would be sold by the borough and the land most likely be used for a limited number of new houses.

All proposals, which could cost about £9million each, are due to be considered by councillors at a cabinet meeting in Maidenhead Town Hall in St Ives Road on May 24.


The chart below shows a comparison of factors councillors will need to consider when making a decision as to which site would be most suitable for the new school.

All proposed sites lie within the greenbelt and to accommodate 420 pupils, the school would need to have a site area of at least 17,320msq.

Other factors that need to be considered include how close residents live to the school and if it is within 10 minutes of walking distance.

The council also needs to consider any impact on the local area including relocation of existing sites to make room for a new school.

The Braywick Meadow and Green Lane options would also need new access roads built - the cost of which is not accounted for in the figures shown below.



Braywick Meadows




Green Lane




Bray Road








































Relocate Maidenhead Target Shooting Club




Relocate allotment and  holders




Traffic and noise from Bray Road








20 per cent




62 per cent




57 per cent


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