Entire road fights plans for 'Shoppenhangers estate'

Entire road to fight plans for 'Shoppenhangers estate'

Laura Enfield

Entire road fights plans for 'Shoppenhangers estate'

An entire road of angry residents have banded together to fight plans for a new housing estate in Maidenhead.

They are up-in-arms after developers revealed plans to build 56 homes on land next to the Holiday Inn in Manor Lane.

The lane is off Shoppenhangers Road and is home to 20 four-bed houses, with many residents having lived there more than 40 years.

They say almost quadrupling the number of homes in the street will change it beyond recognition and cause traffic chaos.

Members of every single household showed up at a meeting at the weekend to discuss the proposals.

It was organised by Mike and Lisa Doodson who have lived in Manor Lane for 12 years.

Mike, 43, said: "Every single person is against it and we will be mounting a campaign against it and all writing objections to the council.

"People feel it will change the entire character of the area.

"At the moment it's just our road but we hope others will join us."

A graphic of how the the site would look


Owner of the hotel HI (Maidenhead) Ltd has submitted plans for the estate to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. 

The company is part of Canadian-based international asset management firm Realstar.

There was uproar in 2007 when it unceremoniously pulled down the historic Shoppenhangers Manor which had stood on the site since 1915.

In its application HI Ltd says the 2.63 hectare site will be filled with five, one-bedroom apartments, 10 two-bedroom apartments, 14 two-bedroom houses, 14 three-bedroom houses and 13 four-bedroom houses.

It says the proposed development will deliver new homes needed for the area.

A public exhibition of the plans was held at The Holiday Inn on Saturday, February 25 and attracted about 50 people, with 35 of them filling out a questionnaires.

Ted Garrett said it was 'thoroughly undesirable' and 'squeezing a quart into a pint pot'.

Others said the increase in cars would cause 'massive tailbacks'.

Agent Philip Brown of Savills in Oxford declined to comment.

Realstar was unavailable for comment.

See the plans here.

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