PHOTOS: Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi

PHOTOS: Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi

Daniel Darlington

PHOTOS: Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi

The holiest day in the Sikh calendar was celebrated in Maidenhead on Sunday.

Hundreds of people attended the Guru Nanah Sat Sang Sabha in Rutland Road, Maidenhead, to hear the final passages of elders reading the 1,430 ‘Holy Granth’ which marks the start of the Sikh New Year.

Vaisakhi, celebrated by Sikhs around the world, marks the day in 1699 when the faith was born. The festival began on Friday and Home Secretary Theresa May and Maidenhead Mayor Cllr Asghar Majeed visited the temple on Saturday.

President Karnail Pannu said: "It has been a wonderful event. It is a celebration that shares not only the food but the thoughts which are the main theme, cohesion and understanding and sharing love with other people from other faiths."

Afterwards the large congregation, estimated to be between 700 and 800 people during the day, sat down together and ate a feast of vegetarian food called the Langar – meaning ‘kitchen of food.’

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