Petrol panic: Petrol stations say 'no shortage in supply'

Petrol panic: Petrol stations say 'no shortage in supply'

Sonia Kapur

Petrol panic: Petrol stations say 'no shortage in supply'

Esso and Murco have both issued statements after hundreds of motorists across the area started filling up their tanks yesterday.

Fears have been raised that tanker drivers will be on strike next week. No date has yet been announced and stations have said that the potential remains for a resolution to the matter.

A spokesman from Esso said: "Esso does not employ tanker drivers – our haulage company Hoyer is the employer."

Speaking about the situation at Esso forecourts across Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead and Twyford, she added: "All our service stations are open for business as usual and we are doing all we can to maximize fuel supplies for customers. We have seen increased demand in some areas and it is possible that some sites may be temporarily out of one or two types of fuel for a short period. We would urge motorists to stick to their normal buying patterns as much as possible."

Patricia Haylock, company secretary of Murco, said: "Deliveries of all grades of fuel are being delivered to our sites as usual and there is no shortage in the supply chain.

"We are aware that certain sites may be running out of certain grades of fuel due to increased demand but we are working to get additional deliveries to any sites that are short of fuel."

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