Petrol panic: Police say 'no need to stock up'

Petrol panic: Police say 'no need to stock up'

Sonia Kapur

Petrol panic: Police say 'no need to stock up'

Thames Valley Police is urging motorists to not panic by stocking up on fuel.

Police are reminding the public that members of the UNITE union are still in talks with their employers, dedicated to finding a solution which will make strike action unnecessary.

There is currently no problem with fuel supplies reaching petrol stations in Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead and surrounding areas. Petrol stations in the area are not being closed by police.

Head of force joint operations unit Chief Superintendent Chris Shead said: "Communities within Thames Valley can be assured that we have full contingency plans prepared and are in a position to respond to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum if strike action takes place.

“We also have plans in hand to ensure that if strikes occur, police and other emergency services and other critical local agencies can maintain their normal response service across the Thames Valley.”

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