Treasure seekers descend on valuation day

Treasure seekers descend on valuation day

Sophie Flowers

Treasure seekers descend on valuation day

Hopeful sellers took their treasures to a valuation day at Maidenhead Heritage Centre on Monday.

About 70 people arrived at the Park Street centre to get their unusual antiques and heirlooms valued by experts from Bonhams auctioneers and valuers. The entry charge of £3, including the first item valued, raised nearly £250 for the volunteer-run centre.

Administrator Fran Edwards said: "It's always interesting to see if there is something at the back of your cupboard. People are interested to see if Bonhams will take things to sell."

Kelly Loureiro and her husband Paul took along an unusual clock he had inherited it from his father, who had bought it from an auction many years ago.

The Rutland Place householder said: "They said clock itself isn't particularly worth anything, it's the movement inside. It's worth about £150-200, so it's not going to pay off the mortgage, but it's sentimental so he doesn't want to sell it."

See photos from the event below.

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