'Cruising' boom at Maidenhead Thicket

'Cruising' boom at Maidenhead Thicket

John Balson

'Cruising' boom at Maidenhead Thicket

A boom in the number of shady men loitering at Maidenhead Thicket has been reported since authorities cut away bushes at another 'cruising' area on the A404.

One parent, who asked not to be named, said: "You are unable to find a parking space at certain times as it is full of parked cars belonging to men who are loitering by the bridge or going in and out of the woods looking suspicious.

"I am intimidated when using the area now and I know many others are too."

National Trust ranger, Paul Biddle, who covers the Thicket area, in Henley Road, said he was aware there had been an increase in the number of cars and 'activity' after dark.

He said he would be monitoring the situation with police.

He added: "We have done a great deal of work there to improve public access and visibility during daylight hours by clearing scrub and undergrowth.

"This work is ongoing and we plan to create new areas for nature conservation and habitat improvement."

"We have also introduced a butterfly trail and have been working with local schools to use the area for study projects and for bushcraft activities. 

"We hope this work will encourage legitimate public enjoyment of the area and discourage illicit and anti-social behaviour in future."

Last week the Advertiser reported how the Highways Agency had mowed away bushes at a layby on the A404 near Bisham after complaints from the public about men meeting there for casual sex.

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