Schoolboys learn bushcraft skills

Schoolboys learn bushcraft skills

Sophie Flowers

Schoolboys learn bushcraft skills

Survival skills were learnt by boys enjoying an adventurous weekend of bushcraft.

A group of 16 year six boys at Claires Court Schools Ridgeway, in Maidenhead Thicket, spent Friday and Saturday on a bushcraft expedition.

Professional bushmen, who can live off the land in the natural environment, showed the boys aged 10 and 11 how to light a fire, build a shelter and prepare hot food over a camp fire before the group spent the night at a camp on site.

They also learnt first aid from parent Debra Jonckers before completing a long trek through Maidenhead Thicket to complete the course.

Assistant headteacher Justin Spanswick said: "The boys were wonderful and really took the bushcraft skills seriously."

Chief National Trust ranger Paul Biddle advised the school on how to protect the Thicket while the exercise was carried out.

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