Reunion is held for friends from school's class of 1957

Reunion is held for friends from school's class of 1957

Francis Batt

Reunion is held for friends from school's class of 1957

A casual conversation about an old friend led to a poignant school reunion.

Mike Willoughby and Dave Randall were wondering what had happened to their old school pal Anthony Nutt.

Then a notice in the Advertiser about a woman called Mrs Nutt who had died caught Dave's attention.

He went to her funeral in Maidenhead and there was Anthony - a sad occasion but one that led to the old classmates reuniting.

On Saturday the three friends and their fellow classmate Julia Lyons (nee Moore) were among the former pupils from across the generations that met up again at their old school - Knowl Hill School in Bath Road.

The reunion with Anthony Nutt had escalated into a general invitation to former pupils, some of them there during the Second World War.

But for the four friends, all at the school in the late 1950s to early 1960s, it was a chance to remember crazy days.

Julia said: "There were only three classes then - 93 children and three teachers. We would get smacked then and you had to stand in the corner."

They all remember riding track bikes in and out of the deep holes that pitted Knowl Green at the time. Anthony used to have a pet jackdaw.

Julia said: "I could not understand why Anthony kept sticking his finger out, he was so used to his jackdaw landing on it."

Anthony said: "Unfortunately my dog bit its head off."

Other crazy memories include football games on green land near the school interrupted by Anthony roaring across the field in his family's Austin 7 car - seriously under age to be legally driving.

The friends were also delighted to see their old rocker friend Terry Bennett, who had every record Elvis had made back then and still keeps the faith. While Dick Hewett had come back from Boston for the reunion.

Current pupils at the school were also there to represent the 'young' generation and a group of mums had got together to make a celebration cake.

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