Solicitor speaks about Come Dine with Me experience

Solicitor speaks about Come Dine with Me experience

Sonia Kapur

Solicitor speaks about Come Dine with Me experience

A solicitor from Holyport has spoken about starring in Channel 4's reality TV show Come Dine with Me after appearing on Friday night.

Anil Vij, of Stompits Road, watched the show with his family in his village  home.

"I thought I would be cringing throughout but I felt I came across far better than I thought I would," he said. "I really like the way my hair looked!"

The son of Shashi and Kiran Vij of Holyport Post Office joined three other contestants from Windsor and Slough on the one-hour show which is watched, on average, by more than one million viewers and is shown internationally.

He was set the task of hosting a dinner party in his Holyport home, before heading as a guest to the evenings hosted by the other three in turn.

Anil said he was pleased with his TV appearance despite producers labelling the David Lloyd's gym member as a 'mummy's boy.'

"The reaction has been totally positive but I'm getting told from my parents that I should've put more effort into the cooking, which is true because I was really making it up as I went along," said the 28-year-old who cooked a three-course Japanese meal.

The former Desborough School pupil said he applied for the show because he was intrigued to see how he came across on TV.

"The chance of winning £1,000 sealed the deal," said Anil who came second in the competition, falling short by just two points.

Speaking about being followed by cameras for five days, he said: "The filming process was more intense than I thought. The crew were at my house all day on the day I was cooking, until the early hours of the following morning.

"I struggled to keep my energy levels up because it was a full day of talking and cooking."

Anil, who thanked local butchers J & S Rook for supplying him with lobsters, lamb and tuna, said he would consider taking part in another television show such as BBC's The Weakest Link.

Click here to watch the Channel 4 show again.

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