Death row dogs set to 'marry'

Death row dogs set to 'marry'

John Balson

Death row dogs set to 'marry'

A whirlwind romance has seen a happy Maidenhead couple getting engaged just months after they were released from death row.

Smitten Harley and Lola have a spring wedding planned and can barely keep their paws off each other as the date draws near.

In fact the two rescue dogs have not stopped nibbling one another since meeting at true love's first sniff.

"I have owned dogs my whole life, and I've never known two that loved each other like Harley and Lola," said their owner Kelly Berg, of Bray.

The 35-year-old has decided to organise a 'wedding ceremony' for the pair with the help of vet practice manager Caroline Linton.

The dogs, who had been due to be put down, were adopted from Rain Rescue, Rotherham, in September.

They are due to tie the knot at a charity open day at Summerleaze Veterinary Hospital, Summerleaze Road, on May 26 at noon.

However, Stan Rawlinson, dog behaviourist and author of The Ten Commandments of Dog Ownership, was unable to hold his peace ahead of the ceremony.

He said he had doubts about Harley and Lola's love.

"Dogs are not monogamous. They will mate with any animal that's available," he said.

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