UPDATE: Peter Prior speaks about Furze Platt school plans

UPDATE: Peter Prior speaks about Furze Platt school plans

Nicola Hine

UPDATE: Peter Prior speaks about Furze Platt school plans

A 21st century school providing a 21st century education is the vision for the new Furze Platt according to the man behind the plans.

Summerleaze executive chairman Peter Prior also stressed the family-oriented nature of the proposals for Spencer's Farm which were revealed on Friday.

He said he expected the houses suggested for the land would be two to six-bedroom homes to stand alongside the new school.

The Furze Platt Road development is likely to be 'more intense' and suitable for young couples.

Mr Prior also told the Advertiser:

- He believed building a new school on its own would cost about £25m

- A traffic consultant believed Furze Platt Road and Cookham Road could cope with extra cars

- He felt Maidenhead needed 'inventive ideas' to improve the town

- Summerleaze will make money from the plans but it would be reinvested in the community

- An extra £3m would be put into a trust to help run the sports facilities

The multi-millionaire added: "You're never going to please all the people all the time but I think more people will see the benefits in this than they will see the negatives."

Meanwhile a concerned parent with two children at Furze Platt Junior School has started a petition against the plans.

Mark Henderson says the move would break the 'nice community feeling' which comes from having the infant, junior and senior schools all on one site.

Visit www.change.org/petitions/parent-stop-the-senior-school-relocation-plan to view the petition.

A separate Facebook page has also been set up against the proposal.

Nearly 100 comments have also been posted on the Advertiser's website since the idea was first announced on Friday. Click here to join in with the debate or leave a comment below.

See tomorrow's Advertiser for more details of the plans.

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