UPDATE: Couple speak about dodgy DVD mystery

UPDATE: Couple speak about dodgy DVD mystery

Nicola Hine

UPDATE: Couple speak about dodgy DVD mystery

A couple from Maidenhead have spoken of their surprise and amusement after finding more than 100 pornographic DVDs dumped near their home.

The term 'blue Monday' took on a whole new meaning after dozens of dirty discs were scattered in Pinkneys Road on Sunday night.

Homeowners were baffled by their appearance when they awoke on Monday morning.

It remains a mystery as to where the 'Big Knockers' discs - rated 18 - had come from.

Husband and wife Graham and Sue Mann were surprised the DVDs had been dumped near their home.

Graham, 58, said: "Our neighbour came across and said 'you won't believe what's outside your house'."

After the discs had been collected up and placed in a bin bag police were informed and community officers picked them up on Tuesday.

Sue, 51, was worried they might be picked up by children walking past as there are schools relatively near to their house.

"It's kind of funny and serious at the same time," she said.

"We've had a bit of a giggle over it."

A batch of DVDs titled Mucky's Dipstick was also spotted abandoned near the junction with the A308.

The discs stopped the traffic at times as drivers, who were oblivious to their nature, tried to avoid running them over.

After taking a sneaky peak on Monday afternoon Sue confirmed the DVDs were not blank but said she didn't recognise the three ladies in the footage.

It is presumed the other Big Knockers discs feature the same content although they haven't all been watched.

"Of course they could be pictures of door furniture," Graham joked.

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