Pornographic DVDs found in residential street

Pornographic DVDs found in residential street

Nicola Hine

Dozens of pornographic DVDs were found scattered along a residential street in Maidenhead yesterday.

Baffled homeowners awoke to find more than 100 of the inappropriately-titled discs on the pavement and lying along Pinkneys Road.

It is not known where the DVDs, which were rated 18 and not in cases, came from.

Husband and wife Graham and Sue Mann collected them up in a bin liner and called police who agreed to pick them up.

The couple said the find was 'amusing' but also serious as large numbers of children walk along the road on their way to school and could have seen the discs.

A second batch of DVDs - with a different title - was also spotted dumped in the Pinkneys Road area near to the A308.

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