Altwood schoolboy statue fund is almost at £5,000

Altwood schoolboy statue fund is almost at £5,000

Laura Enfield

Altwood schoolboy statue fund is almost at £5,000

A surge of large donations has seen the Altwood memorial fund swell to almost £5,000.

The campaign to raise the £7,000 need to replace the stolen bronze was launched at the end of January.

The Companions was stolen from Ray Mead Island in October last year and cut up parts of it were found by police.

It had been placed there to remember four Maidenhead schoolboys who died on a class trip in 1988 and their families decided to have the 4ft figure recast.

Yesterday Riverside ward councillors Simon Dudley, Andrew Jenner and Adam Smith announced they had donated £1,500 to the fund.

The money came from the £750 dished out to each Royal Borough councillors this year as part of the participatory budget scheme. Members can each choose where to donate the money.

Cllr Smith said: "We are glad to help."

Altwood CE School said it had collected £3,485, bringing the fund total to £4,985.

The Riverside trio will donate the remaining £750 from their members budgets to the scheme to complete the Thames Path.

Donations can be made via Altwood CofE School or by clicking here.

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