Mum born on leap-year day celebrates ninth birthday

Mum born on leap-year day celebrates ninth birthday

Daniel Darlington

Mum born on leap-year day celebrates ninth birthday

A mum-of-three celebrates her ninth birthday today.

Pippa Jones, of Courtlands in Maidenhead, is a leap year baby, born on February 29, meaning her real birthday only comes round every four years.

This year the 36-year-old professional singer will be the same calendar age as two of her sons.

Joshua is already nine, while Peter, eight, turns nine on December 20. Her other daughter Megan is only four.

The Music Matters singing and recorder tutor is planning to celebrate in style with family and friends this weekend.

"The boys are very excited," said Pippa, who teaches children music at St Joseph’s Church Hall in Cookham Road.

"They think it’s very funny to be the same age as their mummy.

"But Megan has no concept of age. She has been telling people I will be 109."

The married mum-of-three said she was teased about not having a real birthday at school but now sees it as a cause for an extra special party.

"When it’s my real birthday, we usually make a little more fuss than normal," she said.

"It is a nice excuse to get the whole family together, which is always very welcome."

She celebrates her birthday on the 28th on non-leap years.

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