New 'alcohol control zones' for Maidenhead

New 'alcohol control zones' for Maidenhead

Francis Batt

New 'alcohol control zones' for Maidenhead

A new list of sites has been added to those where police can confiscate alcohol from troublesome revellers.

The roads are Boyn Valley Road, Harrow Lane, Highway Avenue in Pinkneys Green, an extended area of Shifford Crescent and Wessex Way in Maidenhead.

Members of the Royal Borough's cabinet voted to add the sites on Thursday. But cabinet member for highways, transport and the environment, Cllr Phill Bicknell, emphasised that it did not mean anyone with a drink would be arrested in these areas.

He said: "Anyone having a bottle of wine with their family while having a picnic on any of these areas will not have a problem."

The 'designated public place orders' gives police the right to confiscate alcohol where they judge it is appropriate and failure to surrender it can lead to arrest.

Borough head of operations David Perkins said that other sites which had had the order imposed had seen a decline in alcohol related problems of 50 per cent.

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