Snapped surgeon's needle removed from father-of-three

Snapped surgeon's needle removed from father-of-three

Nicola Hine

Snapped surgeon's needle removed from father-of-three
Jon Rosten with the broken needle, which he has been allowed to keep

They say a stitch in time saves nine. But the final stitch of an emergency operation led to further surgery for a father-of-three when the needle snapped and lodged itself in his abdomen.

Following the initial procedure on February 3, Jon Rosten from Maidenhead had to endure a second separate operation two days later to remove the offending article.

The inch of curved metal now sits in a pot on his dining room table.

Jon, 46, said: "It brings a wry smile to people's faces."

Having suffered for years with repeated extreme indigestion causing sickness, the Hargrave Road resident had been diagnosed with having an 'abnormal-shaped stomach'.

A severe bout of the illness led to a visit to Wycombe Hospital on January 31 but Jon was sent home. He went to St Mark's Hospital the following day where he underwent tests.

Jon was then sent to A&E at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough and transferred to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for the surgery. Doctors warned him his condition could be life-threatening.

On coming round, Jon was informed a manufacturing error with the needle had led to it snapping.

"The surgeon said it hasn't happened to him in 15 years," he said.

But despite going back under the knife for an unplanned 35-minute operation on top of the first seven-hour procedure, Jon explained he is not angry.

"Everybody makes mistakes," he said. "They've saved my life really."

The manager of Boyne Hill Rhinos under 10s football team, who runs his own business in Henley, says he has lost two stone but hopes to be back at work soon.

He praised the team at John Radcliffe for their care.

"The surgeons were brilliant, really nice people and very friendly," he said.

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