Snow: Hundreds enjoy snowfall on Punt Hill

Snow: Hundreds enjoy snowfall on Punt Hill

Daniel Darlington

Snow: Hundreds enjoy snowfall on Punt Hill

Families have been making the most of the big freeze by sledging on Punt Hill today.

Hundreds of rosy faced children dragged their parents to the hill by Bath Road, and launched themselves down the slope on bin bags and sleds.

One wrapped up mum-of-three boys said it was ‘paradise for kids.’

“They have been awake since the crack of dawn,” said Elva, from Wargrave.

“My boys went straight out into the garden and made snowmen and jumped on the snow covered trampoline.

“It’s chaos but it’s paradise for kids.”

Snow began to fall across the borough from around 6pm yesterday evening, and 10cm has blanketed many parts of the county.

Paula Scott, of Castle Drive, Maidenhead, said her children Cameron, eight, and Zara, six, had been eagerly waiting winter's first snow fall.

 “We’ve been geared up for this for ages,” said Paula.

“We’ve bought the snow boots, and sledges but this is the first time it’s snowed.

“There are so many people here I know, everyone’s out and the mothers are chatting, all we need now is someone serving mulled wine.”

Her son Cameron said he was ‘excited’ to be sledging on the hill.

“When I woke up I went out into our street and threw snowballs with my friends Thomas and Gleb,” he said.

“It wasn’t a snowball fight, it was more like a snowball war.”

Dorota Kunicka, 29, of Moorbridge Road, Maidenhead, said her children Mikolaj, three and Emila, one, hadn’t seen snow before.

“They said to me mummy what is this, is it ice?” she said.

“Mikolaj wanted to go out straight away this morning, he didn’t even wait to have breakfast first.”

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