Is £100,000 YouTube treasure hidden in Maidenhead?

Is £100,000 YouTube treasure hidden in Maidenhead?

YouTubers Max Fosh and Joe Jenkins have hidden a solid gold fish somewhere in the UK, with many believing it to be in Maidenhead

A new YouTube treasure hunt has caused a whirlwind of internet sleuths to descend on Maidenhead as a location of interest in the quest for a £100,000 prize.

Popular YouTubers Max Fosh and Joe Jenkins were in Maidenhead last week to record a musical riddle inside the new shop in High Street. 

The YouTubers, who have more than five million subscribers between them, are among the biggest names in online entertainment.

In other recent stunts, Max Fosh put a giant sign outside Gatwick Airport saying 'Welcome to Luton', bought an airline, became the world's richest man, and ran for London Mayor in 2021. 

The £100,000 prize consists of an 18k solid gold fish, handmade and encrusted with more than 1,700 gems.

The fish has been hidden somewhere in the UK, and can be found by deciphering the riddle from the song.

Owner of, Adam Harper, said: "Since the video was released last night, our phones have not stopped ringing, and we have had about 500 emails from people fishing for clues.

"We also checked the CCTV and found people knocking on the door and looking through the windows all night.

"The piano used in the video is unique and very distinctive, so treasure seekers have identified it as possibly holding the answer to the riddle.

"All I will say is, I can't comment."

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