Crime round-up: House attacked with can of baked beans

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams
Crime round-up: House attacked with can of baked beans

The following crimes have been reported in Maidenhead in the past week. If you have any information on them, use the online reporting tool at or call 101.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or email 

All information comes via Thames Valley Police's neighbourhood alerts. (

Maidenhead Central:

Wednesday, July 20, 3.30-4.30pm, High Street. Two locked up bikes in bike racks stolen. 1) A blue and black cube bike; 2) A green & black Carrera bike. Ref. No: 43220323023

Thursday, July 21, 10.10am, Ellington Park. Youths threw stones and a supermarket delivery van smashing the windscreen. Ref. No: 43220322218

Thursday, July 21, 10.05pm, Fotherby Court. A group of at least three youths egging a house. Ref. No: 43220323424

Saturday, July 23, 10am-9.30pm, Station Approach. Locked up bike stolen from a bike rack. A black and grey, Trek bike. Ref. No: 43220326739

Monday, July 25, 4.40pm, Cordwallis Road. Graffiti sprayed on a house. Ref. No: 43220329504

Tuesday, July 26, 12.40am, High Street. A group of youths smashed multiple windows as they walked along. Ref. No: 432203310103

Tuesday, July 26, 12am-1am, Holmanleaze. Brick thrown through conservatory window. Ref. No: 43220330596

Tuesday, July 26, Northfield Road. Gel-like fluid smeared over a car, causing the paint to bubble up and peel off – possibly paint stripper. Ref. No: 43220331505

Riverside and Belmont:

Friday, July 22, overnight. Frances Avenue. Outboard motor stolen from a boat. Ref. No: 43220323785

Bisham, Cookham, Hurley, The Walthams, Littlewick Green and Knowl Hill:

Friday, July 22, 1pm, Sutton Road / Mill Lane, Cookham. Car index plates stolen. Ref. No: 43220326071

Pinkneys Green and Furze Platt:

Wednesday, July 20, 2am-2pm, Aldebury Road. Car vandalised. Windscreen smashed and a foam substance sprayed over the seats inside. Ref. No: 43220322217

Saturday, July 23, 11pm – Sunday, July 24, 5am, Shifford Crescent. Someone spread baked beans all over the house windows. We did have a similar spate of baked bean incidents, with full tins being thrown at front doors, splattering beans everywhere. Ref. No: 43220327245

Monday, July 25, 9am, Shifford Crescent. An ATM / cash machine outside a shop appears to have had a camera stuck to it, to video the PIN numbers being tapped in. To prevent people from using it once the shop was notified, they taped it off. If you used the cash till around that time, please check your bank account for any illegal usage. Ref. No: 43220328630

Boyn Hill, Cox Green and Woodlands Park:

Wednesday, July 20, 7.15pm, Manor Lane. The security company has video footage of two people removing wood from a boarded up door to gain entry to a building believed to be unsafe and had concerns for their safety. Ref. No: 43220321483

Oldfield, Bray and Holyport:

Wednesday, July 20, 0.30am-1.30am, Maple Court, Cypress Gardens. Report of two suspicious men walking around checking cars and walking up and down driveways.

Monday, July 25, 6.40pm, Golf Course, Shoppenhangers Road. A stick has been used to write offensive words into the green of the 16th Tee. Lots of damage caused. Ref. No: 43220329692

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