Police issuing 'polite warning notices' after parking complaints in Windsor and Maidenhead

Shay Bottomley

Police issuing 'polite warning notices' after parking complaints

Police have been issuing ‘polite warning notices’ as well as posting letters to households after ‘multiple complaints’ over parking across the Royal Borough.

A statement by Thames Valley Police on social media urged members of the public not to park dangerously by blocking pavements.

Cars parked on double yellow lines, or those which breach parking restrictions in residential areas, are the responsibility of the council’s community wardens.

However, cars which are causing an ‘obstruction’ – either on pavements or dangerously on junctions – are the responsibility of the police.

Pavement parking is considered an obstruction if a member of the public with a buggy or pram, or a wheelchair user, is unable to ‘pass easily’ on the pavement beside the car.

If they are required to walk into the road to get around the car, drivers could be reported to the police.

TVP said it was ‘letter dropping homes in streets’ where there had been persistent issues, with leaflets warning drivers against ‘anti-social and dangerous’ parking.

‘Polite warning notices’ are also being issued on cars parked in such a manner, with a reminder for drivers that they could receive a ticket if they continued to park in this way.

Police sought to remind members of the public they were responding to the issue and taking it ‘seriously’.

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