Maidenhead waterways group welcome 100-year-old antique boat

Shay Bottomley
Maidenhead waterways group welcome 100-year-old antique boat

Friends of Maidenhead Waterways (FoMW) has added to its fleet on Saturday with the launch of a restored 100-year-old antique wooden open launch boat.

Named Barrian, the boat has been gifted to the group by a supporter.

Complete with an outboard motor, remote steering system and comfy cushions, Barrian will be used for clearance and survey work, plus short trips on the restored town centre waterway.

On its first outing, Barrian helped volunteers remove some of the invasive blanket weed that has been building up in the Chapel Arches basin during recent hot weather. 

If left unchecked, blanket weed will smother other beneficial weed below, such as the natural oxygenator Water Startwort, which is established throughout the restored channels.

Further clearances are planned over the next few weeks, in conjunction with specialist treatment using a Beneficial Bacteria (Byofix) recommended by the Environment Agency’s weed control expert.

Chair of the group, Richard Davenport, said: “We had a super team helping with the launch and afterwards starting to tackle unwanted weed in Chapel Arches area. 

“At 14ft long Barrian is larger than our other two craft, adding to our capability, and will be moored under the arches next to Bakedd and the new boat loading platform.”

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