Crime round-up: Balaclava-clad men try to break into multiple cars in Cookham

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams
Crime round-up: Balaclava-clad men try car doors in Cookham

The following crimes have been reported in Maidenhead in the past week. If you have any information on them, use the online reporting tool at or call 101.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or email 

All information comes via Thames Valley Police's neighbourhood alerts. (

Maidenhead Central:

Thursday, June 9, 8pm, Hines Meadow Car Park, St. Cloud Way. Attempted car break-in. No entry gained and nothing stolen. Ref. No: 43220252162

Sunday, June 12, 10.30am, St. Marks Road. Report of a car parked up for a few days has had its rear windscreen smashed. Ref. No: 43220256141

Friday, June 10, 8.40pm-9pm, Stafferton Way. Scooter stolen. Ref. No: 43220254035

Sunday, June 12, 3.30am to 4am, College Road. The owner heard a noise and saw a man enter his car by unknown means. They chased them away. Loose change stolen. Ref. No: 43220255967

Sunday, June 12, 3.40am, Grassy Lane. The owner has video footage of a man trying the car doors on the driveway. The car was locked, so they made off. Ref. No: 4322025657

Sunday, June 12, 10pm to Monday, June 13, 5am, Harrow Lane. Car entered by unknown means. Two dash cams and loose change stolen. Ref. No: 43220257857

Bisham, Cookham, Hurley, The Walthams, Littlewick Green & Knowl Hill:

Friday, June 10, 6.55pm, Winter Hill Road. Multiple house windows smashed and offensive graffiti sprayed on the building. Ref. No: 43220253859

Sunday, June 12, 8.55pm, Westwood Green, Cookham. Report of three suspicious men walking onto the green wearing balaclavas and black tracksuits. The opened the door of a parked car to search it, when the witness shouted and they left.

Sunday, June 12, Sunday 2.15am, Harrow Close. Report of a large group of people walking along trying car door handles. Ref. No: 43220255789

Pinkneys Green and Furze Platt:

Wednesday, June 8, 2.30am to 3pm, Courthouse Road. The aggrieved as CCTV footage of two men walking along the road trying car door handles. Their car was entered by unknown means.

They opened the passenger door then the boot. They then opened the driver’s side door and tried unsuccessfully, to start the car.

Stolen items include two counterfeit note validators, two counterfeit note detectors, a single note feeder and loose change. Ref. No: 43220249952

Friday, June 10, to Saturday, June 11, Highway Avenue. The owners head a noise at 11.30pm. Car front passenger window smashed – loose change stolen. Ref. No: 43220254663

Boyn Hill, Cox Green & Woodlands Park:

Wednesday, June 8, 8am-8pm, St Ives Road. Unlocked bike in secured location stolen. A custom-made, bright red Milwaukee bike. Ref. No: 43220250572

Friday, June 10, 4pm-5.10pm, Lillibrooke Crescent. Car windscreen and side mirror damaged. Damage done to front bumper. Ref. No: 43220255042

Oldfield, Bray & Holyport:

Thursday, June 9, 8.30pm, Monkey Island Lane. Car damaged. Later the aggrieved realised her purse had been stolen. Ref. No: 43220252274 2. Security reported a car had its windows smashed. Ref. No: 43220252277

Sunday, June 12, 6pm-8pm, Monkey Island Lane. Owner returned to find a brick had been thrown through a side window. Ref. No: 43220257056

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