Nearly 150 pensioners arrested over five years

Nearly 150 pensioners arrested over five years

Amanda Hall

Nearly 150 pensioners arrested over five years

Pensioners are swapping knitting and crosswords for violence and burglary with nearly 150 pensioners arrested in the borough - including an 82-year-old for assault.

Police in Maidenhead and Windsor have arrested 112 men and 37 woman aged over 65 during the last five years.

More than 60 per cent of arrests were for theft, handling and violence with the majority of offenders aged between 65 and 70-years-old.

Others crimes included drug offences, burglary, sexual offences, criminal damage and fraud.

Tracy Morgan, chief executive for Age Concern Slough and Berkshire East, said the financial climate may have turned some pensioners to crime.

"Some older people are in the situation where they have to chose between heating and eating because they don't have enough money which may explain why a few turn to crime to make ends meet," she said.

"There are also people in the community living alone with underlying mental issues such as dementia and Alzheimer's which have gone unrecognised which may contribute to criminal behaviour."

An 82-year-old man charged with violence was the oldest arrested while three 80-year-old woman were also nicked and cautioned for theft and handling offences.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley police said: "We will always investigate incidents of crime, no matter who the offenders are or how old they may be."

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