Maidenhead crime round-up: Dog ransom scam and Halloween pranks

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams
Maidenhead crime round-up: Dog ransom scam and Halloween pranks

The following crimes have been reported in Maidenhead in the past week. If you have any information on them, use the online reporting tool at or call 101.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or email

All information comes via Thames Valley Police's neighbourhood alerts. (


Maidenhead Central:

Sunday, October 24, 11.30am-3.30pm, junction of High Street and Queen Street. Bike locked to a bike stand stolen. A bright yellow bike. Ref. No: 43210480071

Tuesday, October 26, 7pm-8pm, King Street. Locked up bike stolen from outside of a gym. Ref. No: 43210483885

Wednesday, October 27, 3.20pm High Street. A witness reported a man trying to steal a bike. Ref. No: 43210485162

Thursday, October 28, 6pm-8.30pm, High Street / St. Mary’s Close. Bike locked in a bike rack stolen. A grey bike. Ref. No: 43210487428

Monday, November 1, 10.15am, Grenfell Place. Someone put superglue in the front door lock. Ref. No: 43210492823

Friday, October 29, 6.40pm, Burghley Court, Kingsquarter. The owner found that their car had been jacked up. It is not clear if anything was stolen. [No reference number supplied.]

Sunday, October 31, 2.50pm- 3.30pm, High Street. Locked up bike stolen. A white Marin Quake 2. Ref. No: 43210491616

Sunday, October 31, 6.25pm, King Street. Locked up bike stolen from outside sports centre. A black and grey Carrera Vengan bike. Ref. No: 43210491840

Pinkneys Green and Furze Platt:

Saturday, October 23, 10.10am, Beech Close. A dog slipped her collar and lead while out on a walk and ran off. After posting an alert on Facebook, the owners received a call from a man with a thick Manchester accent saying he would return the dog if they paid him £3,500. He said if they didn’t, he would kill the dog.

The owner asked the man some simple questions about the dog, which he was unable to answer, so they are convinced the call was a scam. The dog was found by the owner on Newlands Girls' School sports field the next day. Ref. No: 43210470679

Sunday, October 24, 8pm, junction between Harrow Lane and Queensway. Locked up bike had all its parts stripped, leaving the locked up frame behind. Ref. No: 43210480391

Monday, October 25, 9pm to Tuesday, October 26, 10.30am, Highfield Road. Car entered and searched. It is believed nothing was stolen. Ref. No: 43210483097

Wednesday, October 27, 12.15pm, Malder’s Lane. Heating oil stolen from the tank in the front garden, though a small hole in the side of the tank. Ref. No: 43210484802

This is the first case of heating oil being stolen in years, the police say. Residents are warned to take extra security precautions if they own a tank at this time.

Boyn Hill, Cox Green and Woodlands Park

Friday, October 22, 9.15pm, Boyne Court, Boyndon Road. Attempted burglary. The owner could hear loud noises as someone tried to force the rear door. No entry gained and nothing stolen. Ref. No: 43210477781

Sunday, October 24, 4.05am, Farmers Way. Two offenders disturbed trying to force entry. One was a lookout whilst the other attacked the handle and locking mechanism on the front door, completely removing the whole handle.

They were disturbed when the residents woke up. Both then ran off to a blue BMW estate parked nearby and drove off at speed. Ref. No: 43210479532

Wednesday, October 20 to Monday, October 25, Revesby Close. Someone stole the CCTV camera from outside the back of a house. Ref. No: 43210480855

Wednesday, October 27, 6pm to Thursday, October 28, 8.30am, Welbeck Road. Garage break. Lock removed. Tools stolen. Ref. No: 43210486130

Friday, October 29, 4.30pm to Saturday, October 30, 8am, Cox Green Lane. Car entered by unknown means and golf clubs stolen. Ref. No: 43210489888

Bisham, Cookham, Hurley, The Walthams, Littlewick Green and Knowl Hill:

Wednesday, October 27, 7pm-9.30pm, Odney Lane. Car rear window smashed and laptop in its bag taken from the footwell. Ref. No: 43210486947

Saturday, October 30, 10.30am, to Sunday, October 31, 0.35am, Southwood Gardens, Cookham. House entered by unknown means and untidy search made of the whole house.  Jewellery, spare car keys and front door key stolen. Ref. No: 43210490813

The 2 sets of keys were visible on hooks in the kitchen. The police advise placing jewellery, keys and valuable paperwork somewhere it will take the thief more than five minutes to find.

Sunday, October 31, 8pm, Dean Lane, Cookham. A witness reported a group of youths walking along the road smashing up Halloween displays. Ref. No: 43210492029

Sunday, October 31, 6.45pm, Graham Road, Cookham. Three teenagers threw a pumpkin at someone’s door, then ran into their car.

When leaving, they caused damage to the car by ripping the front bumper off. Ref. No: 43210492530

Riverside & Belmont:

Sunday, October 31, 3.30am, Ray Mill Road East. A witness saw two youths on bike riding by parked cars, trying car door handles. Ref. No: 43210491011

Oldfield, Bray and Holyport:

Sunday, October 24, 7.10pm, River Gardens, Bray. A bike stolen from a garage. CCTV is available. An orange & silver Giant Fathom bike. Ref. No: 43210480234

Sunday, October 24, 1am to Monday, October 25, 6am, Ascot Road. Building site broken into and a 110v breaker stolen. Ref. No: 43210481591

Sunday, October 24, 1am to Monday, October 25, 6am, Monkey Island Lane. Building site broken into and a 3 KVA Geni stolen. Ref. No: 43210481636

Wednesday, October 27, 7pm to Thursday, October 28, 8.20am, hotel car park, Manor Lane. Car rear window smashed and two briefcases containing laptops stolen. Ref. No: 43210486109

Thursday, October 28, 12pm to Friday, October 29, 8a, hotel car park, Manor Lane. Car rear windscreen smashed and a bag containing a waterproof jacket stolen. Ref. No: 43210487394

Sunday, October 31, 4.50pm, Oldfield Road. Garage break and two bikes stolen. No details of the bikes. Ref. No: 43210491695

Saturday, October 30, 10pm to Sunday, October 31, midnight, Arkley Court. Car badly keyed. Ref. No: 43210492951

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