Speed cameras to be debated by the council

Speed cameras to be debated by the council

Justin Burns

Speed cameras to be debated by the council

Speed camera operations across the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead will be debated by cabinet members tonight.

Council officers are recommending the network of 26 fixed speed camera sites across Windsor and Maidenhead are retained.

They are also urging police to step up enforcement through 20 approved mobile locations where officers can use hand-held kit to blitz errant drivers.

Nearly £1.8m in fines and fees, to attend speeding awareness courses, were paid by motorists in the borough from 2006-2010, with 25,910 offences captured on film at the 12 main camera sites.

Results of a public consultation have found people want road safety improved and concerns were raised about the number of vehicles clocking-up high speeds.

Tony Carr, Royal Borough traffic and road safety manager, said the council wants police to focus on the use of mobile sites rather than the introduction of any more fixed camera sites.

"The majority of residents support the retention of existing sites and the feedback from the consultation is to have a focus on the future on mobile camera sites in the borough," he added.

"The main advantage with mobile sites is it is quick for police to enforce and respond to any concerns."

Officers are also urging the services of a road safety constable are obtained on a 'call off' basis to respond to resident requests on speed enforcement and driving offences.

A report will be presented to the Royal Borough cabinet at Maidenhead Town Hall tonight who will make a decision on the recommendations.

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