Music returning to Maidenhead thanks to Louis Baylis grant

George Roberts

Music returning to Maidenhead thanks to Louis Baylis grant

The Heath Quartet. Photo by Simon Way.

Top-quality musical concerts will soon be returning to Maidenhead thanks in part to a grant from the Louis Baylis Trust.

The Advertiser’s owner has donated a £500 grant to the Maidenhead Music Society, which will help it to fund upcoming concerts that will take place at Norden Farm from next month as lockdown restrictions are eased.

The society, which will be celebrating its 75th anniversary next year, was formed to bring high-quality classical music to Maidenhead.

Members have endured a quiet year, with the last concert held back in October when restrictions were less severe, but hopes are high with several exciting concerts planned over the coming months.

The first show is planned for May 27 at Norden Farm, with The Heath Quartet, who have been supported by the society since they were at college 20 years ago, scheduled to perform.

Deborah Behrman, Maidenhead Music Society concert secretary, said: “We are really grateful to the Louis Baylis Trust, without that grant we would really struggle.

“We get one or two grants and it's only down to them we can keep going.”

With lockdown restrictions now starting to ease, the society has been able to start organising concerts for the next few months.

One of the most exciting upcoming events will be in June, when two young and talented performers, Maya Faer and Conrad Spencer, will perform on the violin and bassoon.

Both from the East Berkshire area, the pair are part of the Berkshire Music School, representing some of the finest musical talent in the area, and a large chunk of the Baylis grant is earmarked for their concert fees.

Deborah said: “It’s great for them because it gives them a performing opportunity at Norden Farm, it’s a really good venue.

“When you’re a small town outside of London, they expect it to be pretty small, they don’t expect a proper concert hall with a green room and a nice piano.

“Norden Farm is an asset for these players locally, if it doesn’t survive a lot of us will be back to playing in church halls.”

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