Climate protesters take to Maidenhead's streets

George Roberts

Climate protesters take to Maidenhead's streets

Protesters took to the streets of Maidenhead to raise awareness for the climate emergency.

About 100 people gathered outside Maidenhead Town Hall this afternoon and walked to High Street, chanting loudly and making speeches on a megaphone.

The protest, organised by the Royal Borough Climate Emergency Coalition, is the fifth to take place in the town and saw people of all ages carrying home-made signs and placards with slogans like 'there is no planet B' and 'people & planet over profit' written in bold, colourful lettering.

The group has taken inspiration from 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, who is currently touring the US and demanding more be done to stop climate change, and the protest was one of many taking place across the country today.

The organiser of the protest, Nelly Semaille, said: "We need everyone to join us on the streets to show that the people of the Royal Borough care about our future and the future of our children.

"You don’t need to go on strike or travel to the capital to make a difference. Make your voices heard as part of this global movement.”

One of the protesters was wearing a crow mask because the birds are a 'symbol of messengers'.

She said: "It's really good so many people are here but we need more people to join in, take action.

On Greta, she added: "She's inspirational, it's great that one person can do so much and make people really listen."

While some people in the High Street joined in with the group and congratulated them for taking a stand, others were not impressed.

The protesters spanned almost the entire width of the street, and many passers-by rolled their eyes and tutted loudly as they squeezed past.

One van driver shouted 'get a job' at the group, while another man walking past shouted 'yes fossil fuels'.

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