Fuel tanker leak causes M4 delays near Maidenhead

George Roberts

Traffic collision shuts lane on M4 westbound

A leaking fuel tanker caused long delays on the M4 this afternoon.

At about 3.15pm a crew from Maidenhead Fire station closed two lanes on the M4 heading towards London between Junctions 7 and 8/9.

A leak in a fuel tanker, which firefighters suspect was caused by a stone or piece of debris, had resulted in fuel spreading across the highway.

While the road was closed, firefighters swept the fuel off the motorway. Some will have seeped into the tarmac and will remain until the road is next resurfaced.

The lanes were closed for about 30 minutes, and no people were harmed in the incident. The fuel tanker was towed away by a rescue vehicle.

Traffic is still moving slowly between the two junctions.

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